Social Bridges Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded on the principles of modeling education and integrity. Our staff of professionals is dedicated to preparing young people to be effective communicators. Instilling Spanish the top language second to the native English language of the U.S allows us to connect the two dominant cultures of this country to produce a competent understanding amongst young professionals. Social Bridges is constantly pressing forward to improve techniques to better serve our students and make the future of businesses an even more capable structure to handle all aspects of communication.

Our Vision

Our vision is to equip at-risk children with a literacy foundation for academic success.

Our Mission

The Mission of Social Bridges Incorporated (SBI) is to pioneer opportunities for underserved communities to help as they prepare for the changes and challenges of globalization in the local environment.  SBI is accomplishing this by connecting knowledge and understanding of diverse cultures, developing literacy programs, and fostering health awareness in collaboration with educational stakeholders, non-profit organizations, faith-based community organizations, businesses, and government agencies.

Our objective is to build a bridge between knowledge and understanding in order that families can have in-depth insight and guidance while navigating through these uncertain times.

Our most important objectives in investing in young people and partnering with parents and caregivers are to:

  • Increase literacy skills
  • Increase enjoyment in reading
  • Increase connection with home, family, and community
  • Reduce the impact of cultural barriers