While we are in this trying time, Social Bridges Inc. wants you to stay safe by: washing your hands regularly, practice safe social distancing, and where a mask.

Social Bridges Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded on the principles of modeling education and integrity. Our staff of professionals is dedicated to preparing and equipping young people with the necessary tools to be effective communicators and to embrace cultural diversity in an ever-changing world.

Who We Serve?

Social Bridges Inc. serves children in marginalized communities to help increase reading skills, literacy skills, and support language development. Also, to provide them with an opportunity to experience global languages and diverse cultures. Read More

How Do We Serve?

Social Bridges Inc. serves the community by developing programs that promote language development, strengthen reading and literacy skills, and recognize and appreciate cultural diversity. Read More

How You Can Help Us Serve?

Your gift today will help a young person build confidence in learning and life-enhancing values so that they may successfully navigate within the growing changes in the American culture. Donate Now

Spanish Language Immersion:

  • 1 of every 6 people in America are of Latino origin.
  • 1 of every 4 American babies are born to Latino parents.
  • By year 2020 there is an expected increase of 95% amongst the teenage population

French Language Immersion

  • Speaking French and English is an advantage in the international job market
  • Speaking French opens up study opportunities in the best colleges around the world.
  • Learning French is a key to broadening one’s horizons of the rich history of New Orleans culture.


Social Bridges Inc. is constantly pressing forward to improve techniques to better serve our students in increasing language development, strengthening reading and literacy skills, and connecting with others from diverse cultures.

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Social Bridges Inc. relies on volunteers to help us achieve our goal of providing children with a new aspect on global languages and diverse culture.

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Practice Social Distancing

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For more information, go to www.cdc.gov


Read what Social Bridges Inc. is doing and plan to do in the future to help get our students to accomplish more. Learn what we are doing.

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The funding sources for the Foundation include private, corporate, civic clubs, philanthropic foundations and memorial donations.

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